Monday, March 14, 2011

Tutorial: Tassel Boots

One of the several looks I fallen for recently is fringe or tassel boots.  Alot of brands have come out with them and urban outfitters has also come up with a very cute pair.

But since I didn't want to spend alot of money, especially on shoes of dubious quality and comfort (in UO case); I turned my mind to figuring out how to add to my very faithful brown boots some tassely goodness.

First you need some boots.  Any kind that laces up works.  The laces don't even have to be very functional, they just need to be there.

 Next comes supplies.  You will need:

Start by measuring the bottom part of the boots lacing.  This will be the guide for how big to make the top of the tassel.

Fold your piece of paper in half.  Divide the bottom lacing measurement in half and use that for the top measurement.  Draw out your tassel shape against the folded edge.

Cut out your pattern, and fold it onto the bottom lacing to make sure you have the size and shape right.

Once your satisfied use it as a template, and mark out two peices on the wrong side of the leather/pleather.  I had to add some extra hight to make sure there was enough room for it to properly fold over the lace.  

Mark the bottom of the piece into 4 equal sections, cut these with the scissors, and then cut each one again: making 8 total "tassels".  Please ignore the holes in my piece, they were from an earlier idea which didn't work.

Now cut nice triangle/diamond shapes into the edge of the tassel sections.

Attach your snaps.  I glued and then stitched mine for extra stability.   

Tie and trim the shoe lace into pretty little bows.  Use some Fray-check or clear drying glue to finish the edges.  Try to make less of a mess then I did!

Use the strong glue to attach the bow above the tassels.  

Patiently wait for the glue to dry: overnight is best.  Then snap your tassels onto your boots.  So cute!  


  1. Ooohhh I'll simply have to try this! Thank you for sharing!

    I've been looking for a pair of brown knee-high lace up boots like that for years, and I can't find anything for what I want at a reasonable price D: May I ask where you bought yours?

  2. The boots are Steve Madden, and I got them from Zappos.. 3 years ago I think. They wern't cheap, but they have lasted. I have had to get the zippers and soles replaced, but the leather is still if great condition!

    It is very very hard to find good boots! I think I looked for months and months before finally finding these!