Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Revision, reworking

I do believe that this unicorn print has been reworked more then any of my other lines!

Yes it does mean it has changed again.  Hopefully for the final time!  

For a quick sum up.  The all over print has been scraped; after seeing how the fabric printed, and I am back to a hem print now.  The hem print will be the "unicorn forest" version, just larger and on the hem only (with some details on a matching waist belt/bow). 

More details and flats to follow.  I am eagerly awaiting the revised fabric!

If there has been any wonder as to why this print has taken so much longer to come out with; wonder no more.

I had the delightful duty to be my friend Autumn's Maid of Honor and seamstress!  I spent most of April, May, and June making her wedding dress.  The wedding was just lovely, and she made on of the prettiest and happiest brides I've seen.

Congratulations John and Autumn!

Before I started her dress I made the blue version of my Peasblossom jsk for a commission.  I am very happy with how it came out, I actually didn't know what color it would be until I got the chiffon in the mail from my customer.

I've also started making some miscellaneous lolita and mori accessories, it's a nice break from the structure required by my lines.  I've posted some for sale on my etsy.  I hope to make some more things.

And last on the list, I've started a tumblr for more casual blogging, sketches, works in progress, and just things I think are pretty or neat.  I hope to post some of the historical fashion references I've gleaned over the years.