Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Daily Outfits: Early Summer

Coord post!  Get ready for quite a few photos, I've been trying to get used to using my tripod for taking shots of outfits.

Another outfit with my "curtain" jumperskirt.  It's alsmost astonishing how versatile this dress is!  I think I need to make a few more fairly simple flower pattern and solid color pieces.  

It's just so hard to keep things simple and not add too many details!

This may be one of my favorite coordinates (so far)!  the layering just seemed to really come out well!  Something about the length and fullness of the skirt really reminds me of Tenniel's Alice illustrations.

I am wearing the teal cardigan and gold tone sweater guard I posted about a few days ago.

Hmm, a somewhat awkward expression, but I just am so delighted with twirling photos recently!

I made some brown tatted flower shoe clips a week or so ago.  I really like the addition to these rather plain brown shoes I bought when I was a Bridesmaid at my friend Thera's wedding.  

I used the brooch pattern I posted a while ago.  I just made the top two layers rather then the whole thing.

And finally, I just had to make this little amusing gif when I looked through all the photos I took.

Please enjoy watching my head move around as my parent's chickens walk by!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Spring 2011 thrift store finds

For those who know me; know that I love thrift stores!  At least one third of my wardrobe must be second hand, and several of my favorite dresses were made out of reclaimed sheets.

I live in a University town, and the best time to rummage through the racks is when all the college students leave!  Of course you often find somewhat shocking stringy tops, no doubt worn to a local bar; but there are other surprising treasures if you make an effort.

I always enjoy seeing what other people find, I hope you enjoy my "haul".

First off are some somewhat plain but rather versatile tops.  What I like about them is the little details that make them stand out.  

The plain white one has cute little scallops at the neck and sleeves: perfect for layering with a jumperskirt for a casual lolita look.   I haven't figured out what to do with the dark red one, but those puffed sleeves were too good to pass on.

The white one with the blue flowers is my favorite!.  I had been hoping to pair it with my Sweet Matyroshka jumperskirt, but it ends up too busy!  I really like it for adding a bit of color to mori looks.

Ah sweaters,  I wear sweaters year round; layered over a turtleneck in the winter or worn with a light dress in the summer.  

I'm planning on wearing the cream long one with a long skirt, and brown belt.  I wasn't sure about the teal one, but it's quickly become my new favorite piece of clothing.  Brown is a staple of my wardrobe so the 3rd one should work out one way or the other.

I also picked up a plain white braided leather belt, a simple piece.

I couldn't pass up this tapestry purse, even though the colors (other then brown) matched nothing in my wardrobe.  Then I realized that the striped heavy cotton I had picked up to make a fall/winter dress was the exact same colors. 

And finally the brooch I worn in my hair with my "fairy formal" dress.  I actually have acquired quite a vintage pin collection.  I was all hep on the idea of collecting vintage hats (I have a few), but recently realized that I already have a vintage collection!  I might have to see if I can get them all together at some point and post it here!

Did I say finally?  Well I actually found this at an antiques store, not a thrift store.  It's a sweater guard, and I bought it on impulse because I had just recently found out about them.  

And I wear it all the time!  It's so great!  It's usually either being worn, or kept in my purse.   It's so classy and elegant, and makes all of those cardigans that like to slip off of my shoulders when I work stay put!

So look forward to some coords with these pieces soon!

Have any of you found anything great at your local thrift store lately?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Daily Outfit: Fairy Formal Dress

About two weeks ago I mentioned working on a pink chiffon dress to wear to the school's "formal".   Well don't worry, I didn't forget about the photos!

Like I said in the previous post; I am a bit disappointed in how the chiffon hung.   I was hoping for a bit more of a undulating flowy-ness.  The very drape-y effect is quite pretty though, and I'm satisfied in the dress itself.   I'm just being a bit persnickety I think!

It is very enjoyable to dance in!  I just have to be careful spinning because of the circle skirts.  It can get very exciting very quickly!

This outfit on lookbook.

I coordinated it with gold jewelry and my favorite caramel colored heels.  I'm very happy with my experiment of wearing a brooch in my hair.

As a long time lolita an outfit just doesn't feel right without something on my head!  Bows are a little too juvenile for this look, and I wanted something other then flowers.  I find that most hair clips/pins are either boring or too glitzy for my taste, so this worked out nicely.  I just have to figure out how to hid the bobby pins better.

By the by, let me introduce you to my histrionically misplaced twin!
This is a photo of a 1950's debutante; and no she's not related to me at all (that I know of).  It was taken at The Wharton Sinkler Estate, where my Parents were married!  That's all I know about her, but it is quite extraordinary!

Seeing as I was wearing a floofy formal dress I had to try to reenact the photo of course!
Hmm I got the direction her head is turned wrong.  I'll just have to try again sometime!