Sunday, March 27, 2011

Daily Outfit: Maid Marian

Last Friday My friend Autumn took some pictures of my completed *ahem* entry for EGL's hair accessories contest.  Since I already had her in my grasp, I asked her to take photos of my outfit from the day as well.

So happy to have finally gotten some photos of a good coord with my "woodland dirndl".  I've been wearing it all the time right now, since the weather can't seem to decide whether it's spring or winter.  It's so comfy!

This outfit on my Lookbook with outfit list

I wasn't sure what to wear on my head with this outfit, since I frustratingly seem to have misplaced my tatted rose headband.  But delightfully it turns out a scarf I inherited from my Grandma goes perfectly.

I wore the Sweet Acorn necklace and vintage button hairpins again, they are so versatile and charming!

It might be because of Martha's posts about fairytales and her matching coords on her Moss Garden blog that inspired me; but this outfit reminds me so much of Robin Hood.   With the brown braided leather belt, and wearing the green scarf on my head, it feels like I should be in Sherwood Forest.

Or it could be that I found an old copy of  "The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood" illustrated by Howard Pyle.

I have been working my way leisurely through the book recently, and have found it delightfully unlike most versions.

A cheerful hello to all the readers who found my nook of the "blogosphere" through Caro-chan's interview!  I want to thank her for picking me, and my brand to feature, it was a delightful experience!  

I hope you all are enjoying the blog so far, please let me know if there is something specific you'd like to see!  I have some recipes nearly ready, the Sweet Matryoshka skirts and Sweet Acorn Jewlery will be released as soon as I can put them together and take some photos, and when the entries for the EGL contest are released for voting; look for additional photos here as well!

Pssst... I've also been working on stuff for my next line, can't wait to post previews!

Edit:  I've been listening to "Sheena is a Lolita" on almost on repeat since it was posted to EGL.  Sooo cute and catchy!


  1. I looove this outfit! It's so fantastic and really does look Maid Marian-y.

    Your book is such a lucky find! I love the illustrations!

  2. Love your forest green!

  3. Beautiful ~ That shade of green is really rather lovely on you, and the whole chord is so elegant!~

    Congrats on your book find too, it matches your dress so well (>u< )~

  4. I really love your outfit! this is a real inspiration for me.
    Would you mind it if I mentioned you on my blog and use your photo? (with link to your blog ofcourse)