Saturday, March 12, 2011

Flower Show Report: part the second

Well tonight was the last night for the Philadelphia Flower Show.  I hope everyone who went had a good time.  I am already excited about next year!  Blue ribbon here we come!  Hopefully

So here are our competitors from our class.

First place

Second place

Third place.  I really thought this one should have done better, it's really well done!

And here are the other two entries that didn't place

Here are my favorites from the other classes.
Of course the "jewelry" competition is just a small small part of the Flower Show, the main attraction is the big garden exhibits.  The main one this year had a very well done suggestion of the Eiffel Tower with carousel animals made from fresh and dried flowers on frames.  There were also many other individual gardens, decorated rooms, and other large displays all around the main one.

It's amazing to look at these photos and remember that it's all took place inside in one very very large room.  

Tomorrow I'll be going in to pick up our piece.  It'll be very interesting to see all of this being taken down!

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