Saturday, November 28, 2015

In preparation for the upcoming release here are some additional details about "Forest of the Unicorn Redux" line.  Measurements are in inches.  The jsk and skirt will have shirring, so these are conservative measurements.

Jsk: $230

Size 1:
Bust: 34
Waist: 26

Size 2:
Bust: 37
Waist: 30

Size 3:
Bust: 40
Waist: 34

Skirt: $130

Size 1:
Waist: 26

Size 2:
Waist: 30

Size 3:
Waist: 34

The release will happen at Midnight EST. November 30th at

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

It's back!  After 3 years of inactivity the Lily of the Valley website has returned.

And while the website has been inactive that's not to say I have been.  In the meantime I have started an Etsy shop selling accessories and clothing as well as sourcing a reliable fabric printer with a colorfast printing process!

To celebrate the renewal a new version of the "Forest of the Unicorn" is going to be released on November 30th!

Here is a bit of a FAQ for the release and website!  Please feel free to ask any questions that aren't covered here.

Will the Etsy shop still be open?
Yes I have no plans on closing it.  The website will be for pre-orders only.  I have built up a wonderful customer base on Etsy which I love and very much appreciate.

 Will the jumperskirts and skirts be custom sized?
While I have in the past made my pre-order pieces custom sized I've decided to do 3 set sizes (small, medium, and large) in order to make the production process easier.  This will be a test to see if this will allow me to offer more jsks and skirts per pre-order.  Both the skirts and jsks will be partially shirred which should allow for a range of sizes.  The actual measurements of the sizes has not be determined yet

How many pieces will be available for the "Forest of the Unicorn Redux"?
6 jumperskirts and 10 skirts.  As I said this will be a test and if I can easily handle more.  If so then I will likely do a second pre-order and future lines will have more slots available from the get go.

What accessories will you be offering with "Forest of the Unicorn Redux"?
Velvet headbows, Georgette and Tulle Circular headdresses, a necklace, a forehead chain, matching veil, and a one of a kind French Hood.

Do you plan on releasing "Mycologist's Notebook"?  If so when?
Mycologist's notebook will be released sometime after "Forest of the Unicorn Redux"  The print needs a bit of work to make sure the background green is just right.  

More information about the release will be upcoming!  Please follow us on Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram.  

Saturday, November 16, 2013

"The Secret Ball" Preveiw

I am very happy to announce Lily of the Valley's new line "The Secret Ball"

Inspired by the fairy tale "The Twelve Dancing Princesses" this enchanting print features Art Nouveau inspired tree frames encircling the twelve dancing princesses themselves.  Arranged around the frames are additional trees, fawns, mushrooms and other flora and fauna.

The artwork was done with watercolors with the details finished with markers.
The jsk will have a solid colored bodice (forest green, Brown, black, or maybe navy) with matching trims of the same color.  
The skirt will be the same with the waistband and trims a solid color.
The line will be available for pre-order sometime mid December when the example pieces are completed.  

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mirror Mirror

Still from upcoming promotional video,  Rose and yours' truly
The “Mirror Mirror” release date is now 3 pm May 11th EST.  

The promotional video is not ready yet, and I’d hate to release it after the ordering slots are potentially taken up.   This date is now final, I will not be changing it further.

Announcing the latest line from Lily of the Valley: "Mirror Mirror"

The idea is for the skirts and jsks to be both a staple piece in a sweet or gothic (or classic?) lolita’s wardrobe without it being boring.   Hopefully very versatile.    

They will come in either a pastel rainbow stripe or a black and white stripe.

Additionally  instead of a jewelry line I’m doing coordinating chiffon bloomers and cutsew/blouses.
This is the back of the bloomers.  Ruffly tush!
These will be available in black, white, pink, light blue, yellow, light green, yellow, and lavender.  
The final release date for the line is 3 pm, May 11th.  

It will be a limited run of 5 Jumperskirts, 5 Skirts, 5 blouses, and 10 bloomers. Ordering is on a first come first served basis.

As always thank you all for your support!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Forest of the Unicorn is sold out

The forest of the Unicorn line has sold out!  Thank you all so much who have ordered and help me promote it!  

I will be starting work on a new line as soon as possible.  In the mean time I'll be filling these orders!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Forest of the Unicorn

The “Forest of the Unicorn” line is now released!

This release includes all the pieces in the line: jumperskirt, skirt, accessories, and jewelry line.

"Forest of the Unicorn" is available in 3 colors: Blue, Brown, and Cream.

More Information, photos, and ordering forms can be found on the website.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Now we are getting somewhere

Progress!  Photos!  Upcoming release!

I have received the revised, revised, and reworked fabric and I am happy with it.  The example skirt has been made, and I am finishing the example jsk.  Then comes example accessories, the line illustration and the cream and navy fabric swatches arriving.

It's so close!  So here is a peek at the jsk so far.  In this photo it's pinned together

The waist "band" is actually a belt/sash/bow.  The ruffled lace neckline will be removable so that it will be more versatile; with cardigans and such.

I want to thank everyone who has been patient with me about this line, and all the support and response I've gotten on tumblr.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Revision, reworking

I do believe that this unicorn print has been reworked more then any of my other lines!

Yes it does mean it has changed again.  Hopefully for the final time!  

For a quick sum up.  The all over print has been scraped; after seeing how the fabric printed, and I am back to a hem print now.  The hem print will be the "unicorn forest" version, just larger and on the hem only (with some details on a matching waist belt/bow). 

More details and flats to follow.  I am eagerly awaiting the revised fabric!

If there has been any wonder as to why this print has taken so much longer to come out with; wonder no more.

I had the delightful duty to be my friend Autumn's Maid of Honor and seamstress!  I spent most of April, May, and June making her wedding dress.  The wedding was just lovely, and she made on of the prettiest and happiest brides I've seen.

Congratulations John and Autumn!

Before I started her dress I made the blue version of my Peasblossom jsk for a commission.  I am very happy with how it came out, I actually didn't know what color it would be until I got the chiffon in the mail from my customer.

I've also started making some miscellaneous lolita and mori accessories, it's a nice break from the structure required by my lines.  I've posted some for sale on my etsy.  I hope to make some more things.

And last on the list, I've started a tumblr for more casual blogging, sketches, works in progress, and just things I think are pretty or neat.  I hope to post some of the historical fashion references I've gleaned over the years.

Monday, May 7, 2012

"Forest of the Unicorn"

If the wine is sour; throw it out!
                    Michelangelo - The Agony and the Ecstasy

One of my favorite quotes from this movie, as it perfectly expresses the experience had by most artisans.  

Sometimes after quite a bit of work sometimes even years of work; you realize that it just isn't working, that something needs to change.  Grit your teeth and pick up the seam ripper and take out all of those stitches, discard the pattern and start afresh, or rework a print.

It has been the case with the "The Virtuous Unicorn" design.  The colors were too jarring, the expressions on the ladies faces became simpering when they were colored, the design just didn't flow.

Something had to change.  I wrestled with it, and then found inspiration in William Morris's fabric designs.  Trees and curly flora grew up, the ladies and most of the animals fled the newly grow woods leaving it to savage lions.

Please excuse my flights of fancy, I just finished rereading Jane Eyre.

To make plain: the print has changed.  It's no longer a hem print, but rather an all-over print.  I think it is lovely and I hope you all do to (and are not to disappointed by the absence of former elements).  I'd rather delay the line then release something that doesn't meet with expectations.

Off white background

For reference the unicorns will be a little bit less the 5 inches when printed.

In addition to the off-white version, I am also in the process of editing two other versions: Navy and Brown.

Here are swatches of the additional background colors.

Navy and Brown
I am very excited to see how the motifs pop against the darker backgrounds!

Monday, April 16, 2012

"The Virtuous Unicorn" colors!

I'm one step closer to the release.  The colors are done!

Unlike my previous printed lines (Victorian Cookbook and Sweet Matryoshka) I used watercolors rather then markers to do the colors.  I like the softer look it gives.

I took some (dark) photos of the print.  I'm going to take some proper scans of it, and get some photocopies done so that I can do the brown and dark blue background colors.  Then comes the editing and getting the actual fabric printed!

Yes I plan on starting the art for my next line much much sooner then I did this one!



Flora: Violet, Rose, Forget-me-not, Daisy
Lily of the Valley, Thistle, Poppy, Bluebell

Fauna: Mink, Hare, Lamb, Cockerel
Greyhound, Cat, Dove, Squirrel

I'm very excited to see how the print comes together once it's scanned and with the alternate background colors.

Next I'll preview the (current) design for the jsk, skirt, jewelry line, and accessories!  I'm really appreciating all the lovely comments I've gotten about this line so far; they really get me excited and motivated about the line.