Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Otakon Lolita Fashion show: preveiws

If you have been wondering about the sudden quiet in this corner of the nets; wonder no more.  

For the last few weeks I have been working diligently (and sometimes more then diligently) on 3 looks for the Otakon fashion show run by my lovely friend Carla.  

Here are some little teasing snippets of the pieces:

Peasblossom Jumperskirt

Neptune's Domain Jumperskirt

Garden of Eden Dress
As you can see, one of the pieces is from my newest line "Neptune's Domain" and will be the first release from it, hopefully sometime early next week. 

Sadly I myself will not be able to be at the fashion show personally.  I hope all of you who go enjoy it to it's fullest!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Recipe: Raspberry Cream Cake

One of my favorite parts of summer: berry picking.  Right now it's wineberry season in my neck of the woods; a semi-wild variety of raspberries that originated in Asia.

The little jewel like berries pop up along the roadsides a creek beds, just waiting to be enjoyed.

 Here is one of my favorite summer berry recipes: Raspberry Cream Cake!

The recipe started out as a traditional Swedish cake, made with cloudberries and cloudberry jam, which are not easy to find around here, so I substituted raspberries and raspberry jam.  You can use any berries and jam that are available and seem tasty!