Friday, March 25, 2011

Practical Ideas

About a month ago I was put into the position of having to relocate most my fabric stash to my parents house.  Even though the this was very annoying to have to do, I think I came up with an inexpensive way to store fabric so that you could find what you wanted fairly quickly and easily.

Because I had limited time and money, a lot of the options that I would have preferred (like large clear tubs) were not reasonable.

So this is my solution: bankers boxes, with clear paper protectors taped to them, and a swatch of each of the  fabrics in question showing through.  I also labeled them both on the top and side of the boxes.

For those curious I think the final total of boxes of fabric was 18!

Another moderately clever or at least surprising idea I've come up with is a solution to fitting dresses for clients who's *ahem* attributes aren't easily represented by my re-sizable dressmaker's form.    It also uses some of the many felt circles I have saved from making all the Admiral Tricorn Hats.

I layer the felt circles until the measurements matches up,  wrap it in an additional piece of felt and pin it in place.  Ta-da!

In a slightly different but vein; I went on an expedition to goodwill the other day and ended up only picking up a book.

It's a great addition to my sewing library, it covers very specific ways of dealing with out of the ordinary fabrics.  My favorite part is that a lot of it is very good illustrations rather then photographs or lengthy paragraphs.

I think it was published in the 70's, which seems to have been a good decade for sewing instruction.  I have two readers digest books published then, one on sewing, and one on needlework techniques; and  they are both wonderful.

I almost bought a dusky pink, short sleeved salwar kameez trimmed with antique gold details, but I wasn't sure I would actually have enough courage to wear it!.  I was planning on wearing it belted, with a cream turtleneck and white eyelet skirt under it, brown boots and maybe some sort of loose knit neutral vest or cardigan; for a dolly-kei type of look.  We have a large Indian population around here so if I get up the gumption I will probably be able to find something similar.

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