Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Flower Show Report: part the first

Of course I have to start this post with a photo of the completed jewelry piece!  I'm very very happy with how it came out, it's something I'd love to wear if it was an actual jewelry set!

Here is the materials card, for those interested in seeing what exactly we used to make it:

On Friday we went to the Convention Center to have our piece passed and pin it to the display board.  We had no trouble with the passing and got some very encouraging comments from a veteran of the category.  

You can be sure that on Saturday my Mom and I rushed over to the Jewelry Competition section with a very nervous excitement; to find that we had not placed but had gotten a very respectable honorable mention (the only one in our section to receive one).  

I have to admit to being somewhat disappointed, being a very competitive person, but I quickly got over it.  My Mom and I are now fired up to try again (and WIN) next year!  The theme will be Hawaii. 

As usual when I go into the city, I took my chance to dress up !   Here's Friday:

You might remember this look from the 7 item 10 outfits challenge.  I changed up some elements and to my frustration forgot to put on the brown leather belt.  It really would have tied the outfit together more!

Slightly unflattering accessory shot!  Why yes, that is acorn jewelry you spy!  Yes it did take 4 month for my findings package to finally leave that mysterious Hong Kong post office!  

That means that the Sweet Acorn jewelry line will finally be released with the Sweet Matryoshka Skirts (soon!)

That flower pin I made out of scraps and is one of my newest favorite accessory.  

The hair pins are another new item.  I was unsure how to do my hair and picked out a few of my  Grand mom's buttons from a collection of her's that I inherited and just glued them on to a flat back hair pin!  I like the subtly vintage/mori look of them!

I got this hair stick as a Christmas present from my friend Autumn and have since been wearing it nearly everyday.  It's such an easy and comfortable way to put up my hair. 

I wanted to dress up the style a bit and added a braid to one side as well as the button hair pins; while still keeping it messy for that mori look.

For Saturday I wore another slightly changed challenge look.  I wanted to wear the beret for the Paris theme, even though the Matryoshka dolls on my skirt are of course Russian!  

This is my first time wearing a beret with lolita, and I can see why they are so popular.  Cute and comfy!

You can't really see them too well in the coords photos but I added some removable "tassles" to my boots.  I've been hankering for tassle boots for a while, but I can't really justify buying a new pair just for some fiddly bits.  So out came the fake leather, glue, and thread.

I'll be posting a tutorial for them soon.

Part the second will have photos of our competitors and of the prettiness of the flower show in general!

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  1. I think the Sweet Acorn Jewelry line is fantastic and await its arrival. Lovely. I like the Paris theme with the Matroyshka jsk it really adds that perfect touch.