Saturday, February 25, 2012

"The Virtuous Unicorn" design preveiw

As the "Neptune's Domain" line has been retired, it's only fitting to post some previews from my newest line in the making!  The Virtuous Unicorn.

This line is inspired by the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries as well as botanical illustrations and heraldic animals. The 4 main motifs are vignettes of the 4 cardinal virtues.  Here are some of the sketches

Accenting these in a repeated "brick" pattern will be alternating botanicals and animals (8 each).

left to right: Violet, Thistle, Rose, Lily of the Valley
Daisy, Forget-me-not, Poppy, Blue Belle
Hare, Greyhound, Ermine, Dove
(other four animals to be forthcoming: Rooster,  Lamb, Cat, Squirrel).
If any of you followed my brand's livejournal before I switched over to here you might remember the early sketches of the maidens and unicorns.  I've been working on this for some time now.  It's a much more ambitious project art wise then my previous lines.  The flower sketches went very quickly while the animal ones are coming along slower.  Then come the colors!

Here is a quick mock-up of the fabric layout: 

This is a very loose arrangement, and it's likely things will be moved about in the final design.  All 8 animals will be represented as well rather then the repeated 4.  

It will be offered with a cream, navy, or brown background.  

Here is an early version of the jsk design: 

I've changed my mind since I sketched this, and the bodice will be made with the repeating animals/ botanicals  fabric rather then the solid  color cotton.  The sash and ruffle underskirt will be done in a solid (accent) color chiffon and will be removable.  I'm also considering making the eyelet lace collar removable.   Please let me know what you think.

A skirt will also be offered, and perhaps a solid color lace up bodice.  Both the skirt and jsk will be available in a longer length

I am also so very excited about the accompanying jewelry line, it should be extremely versatile!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Wardrobe Post

My poor blog has been quite neglected lately, which doesn't seem right since my blog's first anniversary is coming up!  This calls for more updates!

So I am recycling an egl theme post!  My wardrobe!