Monday, August 8, 2011

Otakon Lolita Fashion show 2011 Looks

As promised, here are the three looks I showed at the 2011 Otakon Fashion show.  I know the photos aren't the best, I took them the night before I shipped the looks to Carla.  Not the best lighting!

The first look to go out.  If your familiar with my "work" previously to this blog, no your eyes do not deceive you, this isn't a new piece for the show.  It's a dress I made last summer that was just too pretty to not end up on a runway.

I did edit it a bit, shortening the skirt lining and moving the ruffle up.

It's worn with a "peasant" style blouse I've been wanting to make for a while, a rose corsage, glass pearl choker, and a vintage hat that belonged to my great grandmother.

I just love how it all came together on the runway!  I call it my "Peaseblossom" dress after the fairy from "A Midsummer's Night's Dream"

Of course you have all see the "Neptune's Domain" jumperskirt.  Here it is rather simply coordinated.

Since it's being released in late summer I decided to try for more of a fall coordinate with a long sleeved blouse.

The crown emblem pin/hairclip is pinned to a headband and is then pinned onto the skirt of the jsk  since my dummy has no head.  I originally wanted to pin the emblem to a blue beret for the fashion show, but no blue beret was to be found in the middle of summer!

I can't wait to get this dress back and wear it!

The final look was the "Garden of Eden" dress.  Cream lace paired with black velvet and cotton!  Accented with some black gloves (which are kinda funny the way I pinned them here!), cream rose corsage, and another vintage hat from my Great Grandmother.

I have to say this cream lace is one of the most amazing fabrics I have ever bought!  It's hard to show in photos the epicness of it!  Flora and fauna arranged in a very William Morris way.  Unicorns and stags, birds and squirrels, Adam and Eve themselves, and more!

Sadly I purchased it years ago, and not that much of it.  I have enough after this one to make myself a dress.

This dress will be for sale in the couture section of my website as soon as I get it back

For those interested, you can view some photos of the fashion show here:

All in all I think it turned out very well!  I couldn't have done it without my wonderful models and Carla's help!  Thank you so much!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Neptune's Domain Jumperskirt Release

Welcome all to "Neptune's Domain".  I hope you all like what you see!

As you can see, plans changed a bit.  The skirts and vest sets will be the second release and I dropped the mermaid/compass emblem.  It wasn't balanced right.

The jumperskirts and accessories are available in several colors.

And of couse there is a matching jewlery line:

More Information and photos can be found on the website.

Please look forward to photos of the looks from the Otakon Fashion show soon!  

If anyone has any photos of the pieces from the show they are willing to let me use, I would be very grateful!