Thursday, March 3, 2011

10 item 7 outfit challange

It's been a crazy busy month, so the other day I played dress up with my dress form. What an enjoyable challange.

Items:A: Polka dot "bed sheet" Jsk
B: Sweet Matryoshka Jsk
C: Brown ruffle cardi
D: White ruffle blouse
E: Ecru "lace" cardi
F: Red Cardi (if you can see it lol)
G: Eyelit underskirt
H: Brown Boots
I: Brown Heels
J: White Sandles (need a new pair XD)

I tried to do as many diffrent styles as possible.

1. Basic Sweet: B, D, I

2. Mori Lolita: A, D, E, G, H             

3. Classic (ish): B, C, D, I

4. Hime: A, J

5. Casual Summer (country?): B, F, J

6. Casual Fall: A, C, I

7. Circus/Carnival inspired: B, D, H

I'm planning on wearing a varient of the Mori-girl outfit tomrow when we drop off our peice for the Jewelry Competition at the Philly flower show.

1 comment:

  1. I love them all...and while ago I wouldn't believe that it's possible to wear same drasses for mori and hime loli...(I liked hime loli outfist most ^^) ...also the last one, Circus inspired is just awesome! <3