Monday, April 25, 2011

Recipe: Candied Violets

Happy Easter!  Surrexit Dominus vere, Alleluia!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Easter so far.

Since my front yard is currently awash in violets I thought I'd repost this tutorial from my website.  Candied Violets are the perfect way to capture spring in a dainty sweet.

  • Freshly gathered Violets (or other edible flowers: rose petals, apple and plum blossoms, violas, Johnny-jump-ups, pansies ect.)
  • Sugar
  • Egg white
  • Clean brush that is only used for food preperation
First rinse your flowers. Gently pat dry the violets with a paper towel.  It is easiest to work with they while they are completely dry, so you might want to let them sit for a while.  

If you are using violets, violas, lilacs, apple or plum blossoms or Johnny-jump-ups remove the stem and any green bits you can (without tearing the flower apart).  If you are candying roses or pansies use just the petals.

Place the violet "face" down on your hand, then brush egg white on to it gently and thoroughly.

Carefully remove the violet from your palm and gently hold it between  your fingers.  Brush egg whites on the front of the flower.

Place the violet in the sugar, then using the spoon, cover the violet with the sugar, being careful to get it all over.

Carefully remove the violet from the sugar with the tongs/chopsticks/your fingers and place it on the plate to dry.  Let the violets dry for several hours or however long it takes for the egg whites to cease being sticky.

You can use the immediately or store in an airtight container out of the sunlight indefinitely.

Candied violets are very sweet, but also have a very delicate floral flavor.  Use them to decorate all sorts of baked goods.

I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do with the bumper crop of violets this year.  Perhaps violet syrup for adding to iced tea and mixed drinks!  


  1. Wow, thank you for posting this tutorial, I never thought about decorating baked goods with violets. It's so fairytale-like!
    Do you know if there's also an option without egg whites?


  2. Ohh~ fantastic! I have a rose bush next to mu house too, so I'll certainly have to try this when I get home! Thanks for sharing~(>u< *)~!

  3. This website has an additional way to make candied violets with sugar water instead of egg whites:

    I've never tried it before, but it sounds like it would work.