Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Daily Outfit: Red Bridesmaid Dress

This past friday we had a dance at the school I work at, so I of course used it as an excuse to dress up!

It may sound corny, but I love the dances we have at the school.  Because we are both a small school and have students of all ages the the activities are varied and charming .  We usually have waltzing, swing dancing, the Virgina Reel (my favorite!), musical chairs, and miscellaneous dancing.  Nearly everyone from the littlest student to us staff members are involved.  Besides I love to dance!

While nearly all of our dances are "casual" (except the last one of the year), those who want to dress up.  I decided to wear this bridesmaid dress I made for my friend Thera's wedding.  It's an infinity dress and I helped the other two maids make theirs.  Paired of course with my vintage mink stole, which I wear as often as I can!  

You can't see it because I'm holding the skirt out, but this dress is much slinkier then I usually wear.  It is a blast to dance in though because of the huge circle skirt.  

It's a cliché that bridesmaid dresses are ugly and never worn again.  I've been a bridesmaid 3 times over and have ended up with 3 very lovely and wearable dresses.

Heres two coords with the other two.  Click for full size.    

A rose pink dress that I wore for my friend Kristina's wedding.  It has a wonderful 50's feeling and is also a delight to dance in.

I wore this green brushed cotton dress with oodles of pin tucks for my friend Molly's wedding.  We actually found them on sale at Macy's!  

My friend Autumn recently got engaged so I'm looking forward to another surprisingly wearable bridesmaid dress, most probably in blue! 

Do any of you have bridesmaid dress stories, good or horrible?


  1. all your bridesmaid dresses are lovely! but my favorite is the red one! I really appreciate when a bride chooses a dress that her bridesmaids can wear for other occasions after the wedding. In my opinion, it's such a waste to spend a lot of money on a dress that they can only wear once.

  2. I love the green one! Esp. with your trademark lotv hair ornament. I haven't been as fortunate as you in bridesmaid dresses. But I liked the skirt/jacket combo I wore as a matron of honor. The jacket was crimson satin and featured a stand up collar~really wicked queen, but I loved rockin' that! LOL

  3. Thank you both.

    I hope that more brides will choose wearable and affordable bridesmaid dresses