Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Daily Outfit: Easter

As someone with a love of vintage hats and a small but hopefully growing collection how could I pass up the chance to don a appropriately Easter 'bonnet".

Please excuse the mirror photos, I usually try not to use them, but we had 12 people for Easter dinner, and I didn't have my tripod; so these will have to suffice.

My most appropriate vintage hat is a difficult to match spring green.  I really like it even though it could probably be mistaken for half a head of lettuce instead of a hat.

I chose a 50's inspired dress I made quite a few years ago to go with it.  It's actually made out of an old bed sheet I saved from the rag pile.  It has such cute tiny green polka-dots all over it.

Like most of the things I made years ago, this dress no longer really fits.  So hence the cardigan even though it was really really warm!

I think my favorite thing about this outfit is that other then the petticoat (which you can't see) nothing is new.  The pin and hat are vintage,  the shoes and cardigan are thrifted, the dress is made by me, and the pearls were strung by my Mother.   It was a sort of exciting thing to realize.

For those wondering these photos were taken at my Mother's vanity table; it's so lovely!  If you squint you can see a littler version of me in the frame in the first photo.

Detail of the top of the dress and my hat.

This Coord on Lookbook

Since the dress doesn't fit me anymore, and I still have some of the sheet left, I'm planning on remaking it when I have the time.

I want to keep the 50's feel with the full circle skirt, but add some additional sailor lolita charm.

I am editing the images for the Sweet Matryoshka skirt release and hope to release them either tomorrow or Thursday.   I also have quite a few irons in the fire for this blog: tutorials and recipes.  As usual, please let me know if you have a specific request!


  1. Lovely!

    I'll wait to see the new dress ^^ !!!

  2. that dress is so beautiful! I really love the things you make <3.

  3. Thank you all. I hope the newer version will be even better!