Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tatted Daisy Giveaway Winner!

All the sweet comments on the giveaway post were really wonderful!  Thank you so much!

The winner is:


Congratulations Lolla, send me an e-mail with your contact info please! 

I'm going to a Philly lolita meetup tommorow at the cherry blossom festival.   Here's a little rough sketch of my outfit.

I frequently sketch out more complicated and special outfits.  It helps me see the color balance of them!  Like this one: I originally planned on wearing a pink blouse, but then realized that the white would be too bottom heavy.

So look for some pretty photos tomorrow of the meetup and some outfit photos!

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  1. Hey there Tyler! Thank you for coming out :D Your coordi was insanely gorgeous! Loved the colors & thank you for bringing the onigiri & cookies! A new FB group was created since the existing one was...somewhat dead. There are already a few events up if you're interested ;D