Monday, November 14, 2011

Daily Outfits: Halloween

I have to admit since fall started I have been a bit more lax about updating this blog.  I have been rather busy with "Neptune's Domain" orders and various other projects (more about that in later posts).

I have vowed to post about my Halloween outfits before Thanksgiving! 

But first an update about the Inklings/ Lily of the Valley t-shirt collab:  The two "winning" designs were the bow and crown.  I am in the process of editing them so that we can print the example shirts!

Back to coords!

I wore this for a Halloween party a few days before the actual Hallow's eve.  I decided to be a "Rosebud Fairy" because my "Fairy Formal" dress I made last spring is so very fun to dance in!  I tried to lolita-fy it up a bit with bow shoeclips, rose print socks, a petticoat, and the frilly "peasant" blouse I made for the Otakon fashion show.

I'm also wearing the Lalique necklace I posted about a few posts back.  I decided to suggest wings with some chiffon scarves rather then wear more traditional ones.  I can't poke peoples eyes out with these ones!

With my current line how could I not dress as a pirate for Halloween Day!  I have to admit all day I was giggling about  how the new vest and hat came out!

Yes this is a small preview for the next release from the "Neptune's Domain" line, it will include a skirt, vest, and tricorn hat.  

And ahem... here is another lolita look that I wore in the summer and haven't posted here yet.

I wore this for my birthday dinner with my parents.  Looking at this makes me long a bit for warm warm weather!  

Details of the accessories.  The roses were made of some fabric scraps.  I'll have to post a tutorial for them sometime soon!

I wore this vintage cape for the chilly air conditioning!  It was one of those great thiftstore finds!

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