Friday, June 10, 2011

Daily Outfit: Fairy Formal Dress

About two weeks ago I mentioned working on a pink chiffon dress to wear to the school's "formal".   Well don't worry, I didn't forget about the photos!

Like I said in the previous post; I am a bit disappointed in how the chiffon hung.   I was hoping for a bit more of a undulating flowy-ness.  The very drape-y effect is quite pretty though, and I'm satisfied in the dress itself.   I'm just being a bit persnickety I think!

It is very enjoyable to dance in!  I just have to be careful spinning because of the circle skirts.  It can get very exciting very quickly!

This outfit on lookbook.

I coordinated it with gold jewelry and my favorite caramel colored heels.  I'm very happy with my experiment of wearing a brooch in my hair.

As a long time lolita an outfit just doesn't feel right without something on my head!  Bows are a little too juvenile for this look, and I wanted something other then flowers.  I find that most hair clips/pins are either boring or too glitzy for my taste, so this worked out nicely.  I just have to figure out how to hid the bobby pins better.

By the by, let me introduce you to my histrionically misplaced twin!
This is a photo of a 1950's debutante; and no she's not related to me at all (that I know of).  It was taken at The Wharton Sinkler Estate, where my Parents were married!  That's all I know about her, but it is quite extraordinary!

Seeing as I was wearing a floofy formal dress I had to try to reenact the photo of course!
Hmm I got the direction her head is turned wrong.  I'll just have to try again sometime!


  1. Maybe she's a distant, long-lost family member you knew nothing about! ahaha ;)
    I especially like the bodice part of your dress, and I like the drape-y-ness too!

  2. It's a gorgeous piece, I'll to practice a LOT to do something like that :~ hehehe

    I loved the brooch on your hair, it's so delicate!

    I hope you had fun using it ^^

    Have a nice weekend .o/ !!!

  3. The dress is gorgeous! It's so perfect looking, I definitely love the draping on it and the floaty looking fabric.

    That old picture looks so much like you that it's sort of shocking! What a strange find!

  4. Thank you all! I'm looking forward to another chance to wear the dress and try again at staging the photograph!