Thursday, December 1, 2011

Preview: Neptune's Domain Vest and Skirt set.

Weigh anchors all, here comes the next items for offer from the "Neptune's Domain" Line.

Here is a bit of a preview for those in the know before I "officially" release the final pieces to the line in the next few days.

Available in a wonderful selection of jewel tones (as well as black), the vest and skirt "set" is a more mature take on the nautical theme.

Skirt and Vest set is a bit of a misnomer as each item can be ordered separably.  The skirt will of course be offered in a tea length as well as the usual knee length.

Also for order will be an updated version of my familiar tricorn hat.  It's larger now, and festooned with lace, ribbon, cord, and an anchor charm and swishy tassel!   

Also even though the jumperskirts have sold out; the removable sailor collars will be available for order (with a skirt) as they are an extremely versatile piece to coordinate with.

I hope you all are looking forward to the release with as much excitement as I am.  I want to thank you all for your support and patience.  I had high hopes of doing the second release for "Neptune's Domain" a few months earlier, but it had to get pushed back due to the wonderful amount of interest in the jumperskirts!

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  1. oooh my~ lovely, lovely pieces! I like all of them! ♥