Monday, May 23, 2011

Daily Outfits: Daily Mori

Although I have a great affection for lolita, I usually wear mori or natural-kei as my daily wear.  It's somewhat ironic that lolita just isn't a clothing style that is easy to sew lolita clothing in.

I do very much enjoy wearing the foresty styles too!  Here are some of my favorites from this past month; before it got so  humid and hot!

I've been trying to chronicle this outfit for over a year.  The layers and thinness of some of the fabrics makes it wearable for only a short amount of time in the spring or fall.

This coord on lookbook with clothing list

Detail of my necklace and hair comb.  No thats not Innocent World, but rather a very similar necklace I found at a costume jewelry shop and glued to the comb.

A more ethereal take on the Maid Marion type coord I wore before.  Same scarf too, worn in a different way.  Modeling my new (to me) purse.  

My poor frameless glasses are dieing, so I've been wearing these which are transitions.  They don't make for the best photos though!

A more Otome take.  The scrunched socks with the boots and lace leggings makes me feel like an old school bishōjo manga.    The dress was actually the first lolita jumperskirt I ever made (from thrift store curtains), which still is amazingly wearable even though it's unlined with unfinished seams! 

The knit collar was made for me as a present from my good friend Molly.  The cuckoo clock pin I inherited fairly recently from my Grandmother.  

Looking at these photos makes me think I really need to come up with new poses!

I wonder how many Lolita's also wear mori/natural-kei as their more day to day clothing?


  1. Ohh~ Your last two coords are very pretty!~ Since I'm more into Lolita than Mori-Kei, I suppose I like the last one best (>u< It's very cute~ The first two are much more elegant though~
    For the first coord, do you have a more beigey-coloured shirt to wear with the skirt?~ I should like to see the same coord, but maybe with a lighter shirt. (Or maybe it's just me). Regardless, thank you for sharing!~ (>u<

  2. I love you mori look. I want to get more Mori outfits, they are more comfortable to wear on a daily basis. I love the last outfit!!!

  3. Thank you both.

    Mori is far easier to find then lolita. Most of my items that aren't handmade I found at thrift stores, or common stores like Kohls, Tjmaxx, walmart, the local farmer's market.

    I did previously wear that knit shell with a white turtleneck:

    I have to admit I just love the pop of color. I know it's not strictly strictly mori-girl; but it reminds me of a bright flower in a dark forest!