Monday, May 2, 2011

Daily Outfit: Teens Exhibition

Last Wednesday I went to an exhibition at Drexel University of clothing from the Teens (1910-1919).  I took advantage of both the beautiful weather and occasion to dress up a bit.  I've been wanting to wear this coord from the  10 item 7 outfit challenge, and it finally got warm enough to.

We stopped at Terrain on the way home; it's a hipster garden store run by the same company that owns Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters.   Very pretty and worth the stop, but everything is really insanely expensive!

This is my favorite outfit I've worn with this jsk so far.  It's rather Otome I think.

This coord on Lookbook.

The exhibition was really wonderful.  16 outfits in all, with tons of wonderful details.  The teens are one of the fashion eras that I am not as familiar with, but I found tons of inspiration.

I took lots of photos; no flash allowed of course, so it was a bit of a challenge to get good photos.

I kept the photos fairly large; so please click on them to see the details.

The colors of this one are so sublime. It's pretty much all lace, beads, and sequins!

A velvet suit.  I like the matching grosgrain trimmings.

Such an interesting dress, the stars are rather a surprising motif to me.  I like the way the bodice is, a classic lolita dress with this style of bodice appeals to me!  The red roses on the bottom are underneath the lace layer, very strange.

One of my favorites!  I wish I could have gotten better photos.  The skirt design is all done with a satin stitch!

This is another one of my favorites of the exhibit.  It's super over the top!  I like the idea of the trailing vine belt!  Tons of beading!

I think this one is really the strangest.  The shape, color combination, and all the crazy details.  It's even trimmed with some fur!  

Very Grecian style!  

A cocoon coat, lots of venise lace.

Very elegant coat inspired by kimonos.  My Mom wants me to commission me to make her one!  Definitely need more then one muslin for this one!

This dress is rather elegant, even though it's really not to my taste.

Snappy suit!  The buttons are very interestingly placed

A Fortuny pleated tea gown paired with a really lovely coat. 

I wasn't very excited about this outfit until I got a close look!  What beautiful couching!  I want to make a coat with a detail like that on the sleeves and back!

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did!  I'm hoping to go to an exhibition of historical and vintage wedding dresses from the Duponts at Hagley museum sometime.


  1. Loved the outfit and the event ^^

  2. I love the one with the big rose in the centre of the bodice but they're all lovely. The net and beading and lace is all so delicate!

  3. the pics are amazing and i really appreciate your favourite is the damask one with the pupple sash.....and this is on my list of making next..:)

  4. ....also does sumone also hv the pics of the back of the gowns?