Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Daily Outfits: Early Summer

Coord post!  Get ready for quite a few photos, I've been trying to get used to using my tripod for taking shots of outfits.

Another outfit with my "curtain" jumperskirt.  It's alsmost astonishing how versatile this dress is!  I think I need to make a few more fairly simple flower pattern and solid color pieces.  

It's just so hard to keep things simple and not add too many details!

This may be one of my favorite coordinates (so far)!  the layering just seemed to really come out well!  Something about the length and fullness of the skirt really reminds me of Tenniel's Alice illustrations.

I am wearing the teal cardigan and gold tone sweater guard I posted about a few days ago.

Hmm, a somewhat awkward expression, but I just am so delighted with twirling photos recently!

I made some brown tatted flower shoe clips a week or so ago.  I really like the addition to these rather plain brown shoes I bought when I was a Bridesmaid at my friend Thera's wedding.  

I used the brooch pattern I posted a while ago.  I just made the top two layers rather then the whole thing.

And finally, I just had to make this little amusing gif when I looked through all the photos I took.

Please enjoy watching my head move around as my parent's chickens walk by!


  1. Loved the outfit, and the shoes the most! ^^

  2. That outfit is beautiful! The dress looks great with that cardigan.

    (and the gif at the end is so cute – chickens!)

  3. Aww, the hens in the background are so cute! <3
    I love your outfit, it's very simple and so classy.