Wednesday, November 18, 2015

It's back!  After 3 years of inactivity the Lily of the Valley website has returned.

And while the website has been inactive that's not to say I have been.  In the meantime I have started an Etsy shop selling accessories and clothing as well as sourcing a reliable fabric printer with a colorfast printing process!

To celebrate the renewal a new version of the "Forest of the Unicorn" is going to be released on November 30th!

Here is a bit of a FAQ for the release and website!  Please feel free to ask any questions that aren't covered here.

Will the Etsy shop still be open?
Yes I have no plans on closing it.  The website will be for pre-orders only.  I have built up a wonderful customer base on Etsy which I love and very much appreciate.

 Will the jumperskirts and skirts be custom sized?
While I have in the past made my pre-order pieces custom sized I've decided to do 3 set sizes (small, medium, and large) in order to make the production process easier.  This will be a test to see if this will allow me to offer more jsks and skirts per pre-order.  Both the skirts and jsks will be partially shirred which should allow for a range of sizes.  The actual measurements of the sizes has not be determined yet

How many pieces will be available for the "Forest of the Unicorn Redux"?
6 jumperskirts and 10 skirts.  As I said this will be a test and if I can easily handle more.  If so then I will likely do a second pre-order and future lines will have more slots available from the get go.

What accessories will you be offering with "Forest of the Unicorn Redux"?
Velvet headbows, Georgette and Tulle Circular headdresses, a necklace, a forehead chain, matching veil, and a one of a kind French Hood.

Do you plan on releasing "Mycologist's Notebook"?  If so when?
Mycologist's notebook will be released sometime after "Forest of the Unicorn Redux"  The print needs a bit of work to make sure the background green is just right.  

More information about the release will be upcoming!  Please follow us on Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram.  

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  1. Congratulations on re-opening your store! I hope it all goes well and I look forward to seeing your future designs ^__^