Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas Reflections

Also coincidentally, the "Neptune's Domain" line is being retired being retired on Saturday as well. 

Originally I had planned to do a post about Christmas during the 12 days of CHRISTMAS!!  I was apparently too busy messing about with presents and enjoying delicious goodies.  

Sooo each day of procrastinating makes this post that more silly.  That said, it's not Lent yet, so victory there!

Here's some pretties from this year's Christmas:

This was the first Christmas my family celebrated since I inherited my great grandmother's china and green stemmed crystal.   They were usually used for Christmas dinner when my Mom was young so I was very excited and nostalgic to be able to use them.  

They are so elegant and pretty.  The set is Floreal made by Noritake and is proably from the twenties.  I'm going to keep my eye out for more pieces; I have tons of saucers but sadly few tea cups!  

An artsy photo taken at the Hagley estate on St. Stephen's day (Boxing Day).  One of my presents was a very surprising DSLR camera from my parents.  I'm making an effort to make the transition from a basic point and shoot to understanding all the new advantages of the DSLR.  I'm very excited for taking photos of my future lines with it!

Of course the stark and very functional black/white/red strap the camera came with is not at all too my tastes. I'm in the midst of tatting a new one with some very sturdy cream cotton yarn.   The pattern you see will be mirrored when I'm done.

And finally some photos of a Coord I wore to a Christmas party.  I just love dancing in this dress!

The Headpeice is actually the vintage Linser necklace that I got for my birthday this summer!  

I hope You all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying a good New Year so far!


  1. Gosh, your table setting is so lovely. You've inspired me to make more effort next Christmas!

    Good luck with your new camera~

    1. Thank you! It was a real joy to put together.

      Haha I need the luck, I haven't ventured too far out of the factory settings yet!