Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Preview: Inklings t-shirt collaboration

While the first "official" line from Lily of the Valley was "Excerpts from a Victorian Cookbook",  the REAL first line was "Keys to the Kingdom".  Released years ago, it was simple box pleated skirt adorned with castles screen printed by my good friend Melanie.

Melanie has since handed over the screen printing business to her son John, who is also a close friend of mine.  It is now Inklings, home to Baa the adventurous sheep illustrated by Melanie and some amusingly clever and sometimes quite smart ass shirts thought up by John.

John is engaged to the delightful Autumn (who some Philly lolitas are sure to have met!) and they are planning their nuptials for this coming spring!  

As their Maid of Honor I've taken on the task to help them finance the wedding in addition to making the dress (of course!).  

In short, John's company Inklings and my lolita brand are collaborating on one or two t-shirt designs with lolitas in mind!  

I've come up with a few designs but I also would like your help and suggestions.  Here are a few of mine so far!

A basic bow, this is my favorite idea so far.  Cute but also not too busy.  It would be printed a bit off center.

Fawnasol!  Combine two popular lolita motifs  = win?  


Other ideas I've had would be castles, or an art nouveau style mermaid sitting in a shell.

Please let me know what t-shirt designs you would like to see.

Keep in mind that they will be printed in EITHER white or black ink on a "baby tee" style shirt.  The shirt style comes in lots of colors, which is nice.

In other news I've been working on "Neptune's Domain" orders and handsewing an Italian style Renaissance dress in my "off" hours.   The example pieces for the second release are next on my list to make!


  1. Fawnasol! Perhaps without the antlers though? ^^

  2. Congratulations to your friends!

    I adore these designs. The bow is beautifully simple, but I'd love to see more intricate motifs like the final two. A patisserie theme springs to mind. I agree with anon that the the fawn would look better without antlers; it looks too much like a reindeer and coupled with the wreath just looks like a Christmas t-shirt.

  3. I'm so excited for the second release of the Neptune's domain line!

  4. I loooove, love love, the fawnosol! It's such a cute idea and the design would look super cute on a tee! I also am really loving the plain bow, since it's so ETC looking and would probably be very versatile.

    I do agree with the above comment about the antlers though! I don't really imagine fawns as being old enough to have antlers anyways. Maybe little nubby just-peeking-out ones might look cute though!

  5. I think the bow design is perfect, there is always a place for simple but sweet designs in lolita. Ribbons and bows never get old.